Thursday, 2 April 2009

Sasja Saptenno

Jewellery by Sasja Saptenno.

In Holland, there are approximately 16 million people and 13 million bikes. Multiply the number of bikes x 2 and you get a rough calculation of at least 26 million inner tubes.

What happens to all those inner tubes when they are beyond repair? Jewelry designer Sasja Saptenno has found a creative way for people to accessorize with them! Sasja obtains her materials from bike shops, neighbors, and even off of her own bike!

Have a look at Sasja's website, (accessorylab) for more wonderful creations, and you can read more on her blog.

Thanks to Haute Nature for the link and Bikehacks for the information!


Martine said...

One of those 13 million is mine and its a loveley thougt that maybe someday it will end around my neck.

Cecilia Levy said...

I must check this out, thanks Mandy!