Sunday, 17 May 2009


Pilgrim's Progress by Max Jacquard

Many artists have in their studios, wonderful pieces of their own work that never see the inside of a gallery. These objects may be maquettes, experiments or just oddities that did not happen to fit in with a particular body of work going to an exhibition. They are often highly prized by their makers and valuable examples of their unique creative vision, hence highly collectable.
Koukan Gallery - the space for Art in Architecture, has invited a group of artists to dig through their archives to rediscover those special pieces that for some reason got overlooked the first time around. Seasoned practitioners working in Glass, Ceramic and mixed media sculpture have been invited to rediscover works that have a special place in their affections. The show represents an eclectic mix of small-scale artworks, wall mounted, each with its own custom made shelf or support; a hybrid between an R.A Summer Show and Wunderkammer where a profusion of diverse objects vie for the attentions of the viewer.

Recollect is curated by Matthew Durran and Max Jacquard‭, until 18th May at The Lotus Foundation, 16 Lancaster Grove, London NW3.

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