Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Social Lives of Objects

Assemblage by Hilary Jack
Hilary Jack, Lisa Penny and Dallas Seitz are artistic plunderers of the roadside skip, the charity shop and of the more eccentric reaches of eBay. They recycle the detritus of our urban existences: broken umbrellas, last month's magazines, false teeth, detached stilettos, mangy fox stoles, mantelpiece ceramic ornaments no longer treasured. Their raw materials bear the marks of backstreet histories. Through an aesthetic of fragmentation, of disorientation and unpredictable re-assemblage, they arrive at sculptural images that come on like dream mementos of fictional autobiographies, or icons of obscure personal mythologies. It's a sculptural tradition with a long history - dada, surrealism - the mundane made marvellous, bad taste transformed into something else. Robert Clark The Guardian
Currently showing at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester until 19 July. You can read more about Hilary Jack on her website and her blog.


ArtSparker said...

I like the benchwarmer.

Feltbug said...

The whole show looks interesting - sadly I don't think I will have time to visit though.