Friday, 24 September 2010


Origin, the London craft fair has moved from Somerset House to Spitalfields market this year. I was lucky enough to win a ticket to last nights private view on Claire Loder's blog. It was a lovely evening with lots of inspiring things to see and people to meet. Thankyou Claire! The fair continues until 29th September and the entrance fee is £10.


Perpetua said...

Agh. Wish I lived in London!

Joanne Haywood said...

Hi Mandy,

What did you think of the new venue? I was planning on going tomorrow but have to stay in with my broken boiler and wait for a gas man!

Jo x

Feltbug said...

Hi Perpetua! Hi Jo I have to say I did not like the new venue nearly as much as Somerset House. It was cold rather than warm in vibe as well as temperature. It felt like a temporary structure. There was too much work to see in one viewing. I did not like the lighting - at Somerset House there was a good amount of natural light which felt lacking here. And all in all it felt a little bit disorganised - also they are charging for the catalogue on top of the entrance fee which I felt was a shame. Somerset House suited the quality of the work that is shown at Origin. I am sure the exhibitors will have plenty to say about it too xx