Sunday, 7 August 2011


Shell by Anna Ray

An exhibition of small format tapestries by S.T.A.R.* (Scottish Tapestry Artists Regrouped) at GALERIE LA TOUR MONTSALES, 12260 AVEYRON, FRANCE. All exhibitors are past students or staff of the tapestry department of Edinburgh College of Art. Some makers have departed from the flat tapestry route but all acknowledge the debt they owe the Gobelin tradition.
16 July - August 18th 2011 every day 15 - 19h. Entry free. Sara Brennan, Amanda Gizzi, Linda Green, Fiona Hutchison, William Jefferies, Jo McDonald, Susan Mowatt, Paul R Penrice, Elizabeth Radcliffe, Anna Ray, Joanne Soroka, Lesley Stothers and Méabh Warburton.

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