Monday, 29 January 2007

Egg box sculptures

Mortal (with reflection) 2002. These small paper pulp sculptures were inspired by a wooden sculpture I saw which came from the Congo in Africa. It took the form of a man with a hollow, glass fronted body which contained relics or medicines used for healing purposes. I liked the idea of the body being a container, relating to conception and birth, and the notion of keeping a precious object in a safe place. Bird 2004. The pulp I use is made from recycled egg boxes. I made my first one in 1990 and then put the idea to one side for 12 years and started making them again in 2002. I use a combination of found objects or collage, paint and embroidery for the insides.

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Robin Cracknell said...

I've always loved these. Never knew the pulp came from egg cartons. That 'egg' connection adds even more to the symbolism of nurturing and protection, I think ...

Lovely objects.