Wednesday, 7 March 2007

First wire sculpture

Detail of first wire sculpture. 2005

I made my first wire sculpture in 2005, it was a skeleton of wire, covered with red tissue paper and pva glue. It was the first time I had made something 3D. As time passed I became more proficient at making these pieces - using better quality paper, this one started to deteriorate, the paper got torn and it ended up in a cupboard, waiting for something to happen. Today I woke up and felt a very strong need to make something with meaning and importance. Having spent the last 2 months re-assessing my work and posting pictures of the past, still making things but nothing with any real substance, I wanted to move forward. At the weekend I found some lovely fabrics at a local market and the car boot. I knew I wanted to utilise these in some way - but what ? I thought about making a structure out of wire that I could give body to with the fabrics and then it occured to me that I had this piece in the cupboard and so the destruction began.

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