Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Out of the Ordinary

Capacity, 2000 by Annie Cattrell

' if walls could talk', found wallpaper by Catherine Bertola

There is a new exhibition of work, by eight artists who place craft at the heart of their practice, at the V& A in London, called Out of the Ordinary: spectacular craft, it is on until 17th February 2008. The featured artists are:
Olu Amoda
Catherine Bertola
Annie Cattrell
Susan Collis
Naomi Filmer
Lu Shengzhong
Yoshihiro Suda
Anne Wilson.

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Camilla said...

I'm going to the symposium there next Friday, I was wondering if it might be something you were going to? I'm looking forward to the show a lot- enough to take my mind off the bus journey to London and back!