Thursday, 5 June 2008

Jerwood Contemporary Makers

Work by Lin Cheung with tapestries by Sara Brennan in the background. There is also work by the fabulous Deirdre Nelson and Gary Breeze, Drummond Masterton, Nicholas Rena and Clare Twomey. Jerwood Space, 171 Union Street, London SE1 until 13 July.

And yes I do believe you can see Miss Feltbug wearing her new skirt which has only taken 1 year to complete! I am very slow at completing projects, partly because I like to run away whenever I can and in the last 18 months my spare time has been spent on this here computer - researching and uploading pictures. I have a lot of tasks to be completed - artists trades, and promises made. One day I might even get around to putting some things in my etsy shop - sheepish grin :)

Anyway - enough about me - back to the walking and looking . . .

1 comment:

redredday said...

it's beautiful the skirt, the whole mirrored image, and those lines and lines of thread coming down. i only wish i could see the skirt closer up to get a better sense of the color and texture. :).
also want to let you know i really appreciate these posts of exhibition works you put up. i hardly get a chance to see any museum/gallery shows these days. not much around where i live.