Thursday, 11 June 2009


There is a new group on flickr called desk thursday. I like this group. It has motivated me to tidy my desk. After all that tidying, it must be time for coffee and a look at this lovely book from my local library, Being Human, published by Thames & Hudson. Enigmatic photographs of people by unknown photographers.


{anita} said...

my desk:

swiss said...

i was going to say - that desk looks freakily tidy! and i've actually seen that book. at the rather fabulous beyond words
a place where i've spent stupid amount of money over the years!

Feltbug said...

Hi Anita - thankyou for sharing your desk :)

Swiss - oh the illusion of the photographic moment. This is (was) quite possibly the only tidy area in my life and involved making piles of stuff elsewhere to achieve this. And - it no longer looks like this, by 11.55 it was chaos once more :) I have tried to stop the book buying by using the library more. I don't think it is working.