Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Dreams on Wheels

Dreams on Wheels - Embassy of Denmark United Kingdom: For devoted or even those less passionate and occasional cyclists, Dreams on Wheels presents a view of contemporary urban cycling culture and examples of what can be seen and more importantly experienced in London and Copenhagen. For those of you who are yet to experience your city on two wheels, it will give you a chance to reconsider your options for daily commuting and leisure time.

Dreams on Wheels aims to get more people cycling around their city. It surveys best practice from Copenhagen and London, from cultural habit to innovative industrial design and city planning.
The London version of Dreams on Wheels is part of the prologue to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009. Previously, other versions of Dreams on Wheels have been shown at the Danish Design Center, Copenhagen and internationally in Canberra, Edinburgh, Riga, Paris, Toronto, Tokyo and Moscow.
The exhibition is at London City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London SE1. Open Monday-Friday 8.30-5.30 until 2 October. The bicycle is from Condor cycles


swiss said...

i was speaking to some danish guy the other day and his view wa sthat so many people cycled in copenhagen due to the prohibitive tax on cars. fair enough.

anyway, in the unlikely event the weahter's not good enough to cycle in london, or you don;t fancy the roulette that is the roads ther, here's this

swiss said...

or even

Feltbug said...

Hello Swiss:)
I love hambone designs - not so sure about the sufferfest - the name alone and the Morrisey soundtrack - hmmm. Someone did a survey which showed that it very rarely rains in London when you are on your bike and as for the traffic, with a bit of planning and a good bicycle map you can avoid most of it. On my way to the skyride I saw very few cars and almost no bicycles - kept to the backstreets - always more interesting to look at and peaceful too. And you don't ever have to stop at traffic lights which keeps the fitness levels up.

Feltbug said...

Just to clarify the reason you don't have to stop at traffic lights is because you very rarely find them in the backstreets - I do believe in stopping at red lights when they present themselves :)